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Jennifer Lopez’s Romantic Wedding postponed due to coronavirus

Where did they plan to throw it?

Vanessa Haber


Jennifer Lopez’s Romantic Wedding postponed due to coronavirus

For every bride-to-be who just got her wedding postponed due to social-distancing and mandatory lockdowns amid coronavirus, you are certainly not alone in this. Jennifer Lopez is experiencing the same disappointment!

After Alex Rodriguez proposed to Jennifer Lopez during a romantic getaway to the Bahamas, last year, they were planning to get married this summer in Italy. 

However, due to COVID-19 the Hollywood couple have decided to postpone their planned summer wedding, a source told E! News, after struggling for weeks over the decision. 


The source continued: “With no return to normalcy in the near future, JLo and Alex felt postponing the wedding was the safest and smartest choice.”

“Guests have recently been notified that the wedding will not be happening in late summer as anticipated”, he added. 

Although their wedding plans have been shut down due to the worldwide pandemic, the couple are hopeful that they will have the wedding of their dreams when the timing is right.